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【TMDU Course 07】Dr. MAEKAWA

Periodontal phenotype and modern surgical crown lengthening procedures

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May 7, 2024


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    As societies age globally, demand for advanced dental treatments grows.
    This presentation will cover modern techniques in periodontal surgery, particularly surgical crown lengthening, crucial for preserving teeth and enhancing aesthetics.
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    Nowadays, most countries in the world have encountered an aging society, which is in part due to the improvement of public health.
    The elderly population has increased and more opportunities and demands to treat teeth have been gained.
    Since permanent dentition is usually complete at the age of 12, the longer one lives, the more dental problems tend to occur, and in fact, the incidence/prevalence of periodontitis has been increasing around the world.

    In recent decades, periodontal surgical procedures have advanced owing to the abundance of updates, development of periodontal surgical techniques and clinical evidence for periodontal health.
    This has enabled the preservation and continued function of teeth affected by severe periodontitis, deep caries lesions, or horizontal root fracture, which would have been otherwise difficult to save.
    The prognosis and actual outcome of teeth has improved with the development of various periodontal treatments, however, the ability to determine appropriate surgical techniques and management of periodontal phenotype on a case-by-case basis is required.

    This presentation will cover key essentials regarding the periodontal phenotype and review modern surgical crown lengthening (SCL) procedures, which is one of the representative periodontal surgeries for tooth preservation.
    In addition, the functional SCL procedure and fundamentals for achieving esthetic outcome will be introduced.

    [Section titles]
    Part 1: Introduction
    Part 2: Periodontal Phenotype
    Part 3: Surgical Crown Lengthening Procedures
    Part 4: Fundamentals for Functional SCL
    Part 5: Clinical Tips for Esthetic SCL
    Part 6: Decision Making and Summary

    Speaker: Shogo MAEKAWA, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU).
    Produced by Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) in collaboration with Doctorbook Global Academy © 2024

    【TMDU Course 07】Dr. MAEKAWA

    Periodontal phenotype and modern surgical crown lengthening procedures