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Inlay (All Videos)

Dr. Uchiyama Course 14


Inlay (All Videos)


  • 00:18~#1 About Inlay Treatment
  • 22:10~#2 What is sloped Inlay?
  • 32:38~#3 Treatment concept for subgingival caries
  • 43:07~#4 Summary and course preview

This video includes all of the following videos from Course14 Inlay.

[#1 About Inlay Treatment]
In the #1 video, he explained inlay treatment, including material selection, treatment of free enamel at the time of formation, and the necessity of rubber dam dam dampening, based on literature and past cases. The video then explains the key points from caries treatment, formation, impression, bonding, setting, and occlusal adjustment using a video under the microscope.

[#2 What is sloped Inlay?]
The #2 video explains the sloped inlay applying the table top veneer concept. The entire process from rubber dam-proofing, caries removal, setting, and occlusal adjustment was explained in the video under the microscope.

[#3 Treatment concept for subgingival caries]
In video #3, he explained how to manage subgingival caries, which is often difficult to deal with when encountered in clinical practice.
He introduced various techniques on how to use a rubber dam to prevent moisture in cases with subgingival caries.
The following is a brief explanation of the techniques and gingival restoration that are necessary for crown lengthening.

[#4 Summary and course preview]
In video #4, he explained the results of the subgingival margin caries procedure described in video #3 with x-rays. After that, he talked about the anterior tooth CAP concept and molar CAP concept in summary.
At the end, Dr. Uchiyama showed us a video introducing the Micro generalist hands on cource for beginners, which will be expanded from next year.