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【TMDU Course 01】Dr. KANAZAWA

Attachments for the implant overdentures

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    Overview of implant overdentures, Basic knowledge regarding types of attachment for implant overdentures, How to choose the appropriate attachment type.
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    Implant overdentures (IOD) have a long history of use, with various clinical studies conducted since the 1990s on outcomes. The McGill Consensus in 2002 and the York Consensus in 2009 established the 2-Implant Overdenture (2-IOD) as the standard treatment for an edentulous mandible. The need for this minimally invasive and low-cost dental treatment has been increasing, especially with the rise in the number of super-aged societies worldwide.

    In edentulous patients, several types of attachments are available for implant overdentures, such as ball, Locator, magnetic, and bar. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the Locator attachment offers selective retentive force, lower height to abutment, and less rotation of dentures. However, placing dentures can be challenging for older patients with poor dexterity or those under nursing care.

    During the course, Professor Kanazawa will present the characteristics of each attachment and guide attendees on selecting the appropriate type for implant overdentures. The focus will be on the following points:
    ~Bar attachment
    ~Locator attachment
    ~Magnetic attachment
    ~Ball attachment
    ~Attachment selection

    Total 6 part of modulles:
    Part 1: Introduction
    Part 2: Bar Attachment
    Part 3: Locator Attachment
    Part 4: Magnetic Attachment
    Part 5: Ball Attachment
    Part 6: Attachment Selection

    Speaker: Prof. Manabu Kanazawa, D.D.S., Ph.D., Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU)
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    【TMDU Course 01】Dr. KANAZAWA

    Attachments for the implant overdentures