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#2 Team Approach

Dr. Uchiyama Course 20

Maxillofacial Analysis 3

#2 Team Approach


  • 0:19~Abutment tooth preparation and provisional restorations
  • 0:57~Diagnostic wax-up
  • 3:13~Re-evaluation
  • 3:44~Final Preparation to Final Restoration
  • 6:11~From 5 years to the present
  • 8:22~Inflammation and force control
  • 10:10~A case of spontaneous loss of anterior tooth
  • 11:32~Provisional restoration of a predicted abutment tooth
  • 12:03~Periodontal Surgery

This is a case that Dr. Uchiyama has been working on from the time when he was a young doctor to the present.
He explained the steps from initial treatment to reevaluation and final prosthetic treatment. He also talked about the necessity of a team approach when re-treatment becomes necessary.
The importance of the team approach is also explained in the latter half of the case.