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#3 Centric Relation

Dr. Uchiyama Course 16

Advanced provisional restoration

#3 Centric Relation

Aug 14, 2023


  • 0:20~Key points of waxing up
  • 1:30~Removal of prosthetic material
  • 2:31~Gingival retraction
  • 3:32~Key points of prosthetic removal
  • 5:05~Formation of abutment teeth
  • 7:44~Provisional restorations made in Centric Relation
  • 11:37~Chairside Morphology Modification
  • 13:34~Provisional restoration after setting

Finally, we will discuss provisional restorations in upper and lower multiple tooth defects.
He introduces in detail the preoperative diagnosis, removal, abutment formation, and morphological modification and setting of provisional restorations.

He also explains in detail the fabrication of provisional restorations in the centric relation using a wax-up model.
You will also learn the ability to think about how to clear up problems one by one even in difficult cases.