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Advanced provisional restoration(All Videos)

Dr. Uchiyama Course 16

Advanced provisional restoration

Advanced provisional restoration(All Videos)


  • 00:20~#1 Material Selection
  • 14:33~#2 Provisional Restorations in Digital
  • 28:40~#3 CR position
  • 42:58~#4 Cross byte procedure
  • 57:31~#5 Importance of Occlusion and Tissue Management

This video includes all of the following videos from Course16 Advanced provisional restoration.

[#1 Material Selection]
Even if you have placed what you consider to be an ideal provisional restoration, it is often dislodged or cracked repeatedly due to strong occlusal forces.
In #1, you can see the material selection and adjustment of the actual four-tooth provisional restorations.

[#2 Provisional Restorations in Digital]
Continuing from #1, the first half of this article discusses resin materials.
It explains what materials are used in cases of acid erosion and excessive occlusal forces.

The fabrication of digital-based provisional restorations is also touched upon.

The second half of the presentation focuses on cases in which the bite has been compromised by prosthetic materials.
He discusses how to diagnose the occlusion and how to simulate the ideal CR position with a wax-up on a model.

[#3 CR position]
Finally, it's time for provisional restorations in upper and lower multiple tooth defects.
The preoperative diagnosis - removal - formation - provisional restoration is introduced in detail.

He also explains in detail the fabrication of provisional restorations in the CR position using a wax-up model.
You will also learn the ability to think about how to clear problams one by one even in more difficult cases. Please take a look.

[#4 Cross byte procedure]
CR position and ICP are not always the same and do not always work well, which I think is one of the main reasons why provisional restoration of multiple teeth is so difficult.

Therefore, Dr. Uchiyama performed the CrossBite procedure in the CR position and performed provisional restorations again in the case mentioned in #3.
It is difficult to get an image from the text, but he explains it in an easy-to-understand manner in the video. Please take a look.

[#5 Importance of Occlusion and Tissue Management]
Finally, the final wash, impression and final. This is the final step from #3.

This is a great reminder of the importance of proper occlusion and tissue management.
Although at first glance provisional restorations may not look like much, you will learn how essential they are for prosthetic treatment that combines both esthetic and functional aspects.


Dr. Uchiyama Course 16

Advanced provisional restoration

Advanced provisional restoration(All Videos)