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#1 Shade Taking

Dr. Uchiyama Course 17

Zirconia framework

#1 Shade Taking

Aug 15, 2023


  • 0:20~Introduction
  • 0:30~Camera and Lens
  • 6:07~Shade Taking: Molar
  • 9:42~Shade Taking: Anterior teeth
  • 11:05~White case
  • 12:14~Final Restoration: Difference by material

This lecture focused on shade taking, which is very important to fulfill aesthetic desires in prosthetic treatment.
When looking at the shades, do you find that the color tones are different depending on the lightness or darkness in the mouth, or is it difficult to see the shades when looking at them over and over again?
Dr. Uchiyama uses a method to check the shade in detail on a computer. This video shows you how to choose a camera for shade taking and how to use it efficiently.