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#2 Material

Dr. Uchiyama Course 17

Zirconia framework

#2 Material

Aug 15, 2023


  • 0:20~material
  • 2:42~formation
  • 5:52~IPS e.max
  • 9:10~Bulk fil & Final Preparation
  • 9:22~Selective Etching
  • 10:04~Etching
  • 10:26~Bonding
  • 10:52~Cementation
  • 11:38~Anterior Cases
  • 12:10~Final preparation(Enamel preservation)
  • 12:52~Enamel etching
  • 13:48~Priming&Cementation

This issue is about restorative treatment of a few teeth.
What is the material of choice for a few teeth prosthesis? With the evolution of materials, there are more and more cases where the preparation can be completed in a minimally invasive manner. The amount of cutting you learned in school may be outdated. This lecture explains the process from material selection to actual restoration of molar table top veneer (unlay) and anterior teeth.