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#1 Diagnosis and consultation

Dr. Uchiyama Course 18

Maxillofacial Analysis 1

#1 Diagnosis and consultation


  • 0:20~Introduction
  • 1:26~Diagnosis and consultation 
  • 8:13~Diagnosis from the maxillofacial
  • 9:41~Cephalometric analysis
  • 11:53~Height of occlusion

This presentation is about dentistry with maxillofacial considerations.
How do you approach patients who, for various reasons, do not have a desirable occlusion?
In this case study, we will use cephalometric analysis and other methods to determine the occlusal height based on maxillofacial information, and show the prognosis of the patient.

This is a full-maxillary treatment for a patient who had difficulty in chewing after a full-maxillary prosthesis 10 years ago.
The subject of this treatment is the material collection, diagnostic examination, cephaloanalysis and its results.