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#1 Occlusal reconstruction

Dr. Uchiyama Course 19

Maxillofacial Analysis 2

#1 Occlusal reconstruction


  • 0:20~Occlusal reconstruction
  • 2:23~Predictability and permanence
  • 4:14~Comprehensive treatment planning
  • 8:11~Cooperation with other departments
  • 13:17~Comprehensive treatment - esthetic field

What is a comprehensive treatment plan that takes into account predictability and longevity, rather than just the tooth itself?
In actual clinical practice, most doctors may not have enough time for their patients or have a limited budget.
If a patient says, "Please give me what you think is the best treatment.
What kind of treatment plan would you make if your patient asked you to do what you think is the best treatment?
In #1, we discuss what to pay attention to in such a situation.