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Maxillofacial Analysis 2(All Videos)

Dr. Uchiyama Course 19

Maxillofacial Analysis 2

Maxillofacial Analysis 2(All Videos)


  • 00:20~#1 Occlusal reconstruction
  • 13:38~#2 Preoperative checkpoints in the aesthetic field
  • 27:21~#3 Prep guide
  • 40:50~#4 Adhesion of veneer restoration
  • 53:08~#5 Case Anterior Guidance granted
  • 1:06:41~#6 SpO2 Pulse and occlusion
  • 1:20:18~#7 Proximal and distal distances of implants

This video includes all of the following videos from Course19 Maxillofacial Analysis 2.

[#1 Occlusal reconstruction]
What is a comprehensive treatment plan that takes into account predictability and longevity, rather than just the tooth itself?
In actual clinical practice, most doctors may not have enough time for their patients or have a limited budget.
For example
If a patient says, "Please give me what you think is the best treatment.
What kind of treatment plan would you make if your patient asked you to do what you think is the best treatment?
In this issue
In #1, we discuss what to pay attention to in such a situation.

[#2 Preoperative checkpoints in the aesthetic field]
In #2, he explains veneer restorations for dwarf teeth.
Veneer restoration is a field where there are many concerns about the actual clinical practice because there are various ways of thinking about the margin, the amount of formation, the fabrication of the probing and the temporary attachment, and so on.
Please take a look at Dr. Uchiyama's beautiful fabrication and formation of probes.

[#3 Prep guide]
In Part 3, we will look at provisional restorations for veneer restorations.
In veneer restoration, it is essential to collaborate with an excellent technician, and he carefully explains the points to keep in mind.
The clinical video shows the actual method of provisional restorations and temporary restorations under a micro field of view.

[#4 Adhesion of veneer restoration]
This is the Final set of veneer restorations.
You can learn how to use the rubber dam to prevent moisture and what to keep in mind. And here is a case of an anterior maxillary tooth with surface irregularity and median deviation.
How should we approach this case?

[#5 Case Anterior Guidance granted]
This is the Finalset of the case mentioned in #4.
In Dr. Uchiyama's presentation, we touched upon the comprehensive dentistry realized by Dr. Uchiyama and his Specialists, and I am sure that you have felt the importance of this practice every time you have seen it.
So, why is anterior guidance important again? Please refer to the following page for a detailed explanation.

[#6 SpO2 Pulse and occlusion]
As mentioned in #5, anterior guidance is important, but whether or not active intervention should be performed is critical.
In #6, you will see cases that were solved by occlusal appliance without intervention and cases that were solved by intervention.

What is comprehensive dentistry in practice?
What is the occlusal reconstruction for each patient?

This presentation will give you hints to solve such questions.

[#7 Proximal and distal distances of implants]
This is mandibular anterior implant placement in the case mentioned in #6.
The mandibular anterior region is considered the most difficult to place with barely enough proximal and centrifugal space.
You can take a closer look at it including the impression method.
Through the case study, he emphasizes the importance of Maxillo Facial Analysis in providing anterior guidance and beyond that.


Dr. Uchiyama Course 19

Maxillofacial Analysis 2

Maxillofacial Analysis 2(All Videos)