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#3 Proximal Caries

Dr. Uchiyama Course 22

BASIC Bonded Restoration -Revised Edition-

#3 Proximal Caries

Oct 4, 2023


  • 00:25~Summary of previous cases
  • 01:07~4 composite resin patterns to be explained
  • 01:58~Proximal caries
  • 02:15~Release
  • 04:16~Cutting
  • 06:17~Selective Etching
  • 07:48~Bonding material

From here, we will discuss the three most difficult composite resin restoration patterns (proximal, subgingival, and occlusal) and advanced cases.
First, we will look at proximal caries, from the importance of separation from adjacent teeth to each step of cutting and filling, with emphasis on key points. This is a valuable content to see the specific materials and techniques used in the video.