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#4 Flowable Resin and Instruments

Dr. Uchiyama Course 22

BASIC Bonded Restoration -Revised Edition-

#4 Flowable Resin and Instruments

Oct 4, 2023


  • 00:25~Summary of previous case
  • 01:50~Floorable Resin
  • 07:51~Irradiator
  • 08:40~Instruments
  • 09:17~Scalpel
  • 10:08~Case video
  • 13:31~Explanation to a patient

While showing the treatment of contact caries, Dr. Uchiyama explains the performance of the latest floorable resins based on several papers.
Dr. Uchiyama also introduced the other instruments used for filling, which are used by him for precision treatment. The video shows how he performs a series of treatment and explains the treatment to the patient at the end of the treatment.