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#8 Various Advanced Cases

Dr. Uchiyama Course 22

BASIC Bonded Restoration -Revised Edition-

#8 Various Advanced Cases

Oct 4, 2023


  • 00:25~Case 1 including adjacent and occlusal surfaces
  • 01:02~Case 2 including adjacent and occlusal surfaces
  • 01:42~Combination of composite resin and inlay
  • 02:20~Anterior tooth 1-1
  • 07:42~Anterior teeth #3
  • 08:19~Coprehensive Abutment Procedure
  • 08:43~e.max inlay
  • 09:08~Shade
  • 10:02~Ascorbic acid
  • 10:42~Anterior split dam case
  • 12:07~Case of midline deviation
  • 15:30~Case with many treatment areas
  • 18:00~Case with whitening
  • 21:40~A case presented as a crown prosthesis
  • 23:53~Summary

The last part of the presentation will be a combination of the previous patterns and cases in which CR restorations have been combined with other treatments. Composite resin restorations are less invasive than other restorative methods and can be treated without compromising esthetics. Dr. Uchiyama explained how he established his treatment approach.