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BASIC Bonded Restoration -Revised Edition-(All Video)

Dr. Uchiyama Course 22

BASIC Bonded Restoration -Revised Edition-

BASIC Bonded Restoration -Revised Edition-(All Video)


  • 00:20~#1 Advantages of CR Restorations and Future Restorative Treatment
  • 22:28~#2 Rubber Dam and Consultation
  • 34:24~#3 Proximal Caries
  • 44:36~#4 Flowable Resin and Instruments
  • 01:02:42~#5 Cases that are difficult to separate between adjacent teeth and Anterior Teeth Cases
  • 01:15:09~#6 Subgingival Caries
  • 01:25:55~#7 Occlusal Caries
  • 01:41:31~#8 Various Advanced Cases

This video includes all of the following videos from Course22 BASIC Bonded Restoration -Revised Edition-.

[Course22 BASIC Bonded Restoration -Revised Edition-]
Composite resin restorations are an effective tool for gaining the trust of patients when successful, as it is a treatment that is performed almost every day in daily clinical practice and is a cosmetic dental procedure that can be performed chairside by the dentist without the help of the lab side.
Adhesive treatment in dentistry, including composite resin, has evolved remarkably over the past few years with the introduction of many new materials and technologies.
Composite resin restorations performed by Dr. Uchiyama have also undergone significant changes since his 2019 lecture.(Course6,Course7,Course8)

In this lecture, Dr. Uchiyama will explain the changes in the technique from the past and the points and cautions that are important to know for less invasive and more precise restorative treatment using a microscope.
In the case videos, Dr. Uchiyama will explain how to use materials and auxiliary instruments such as clamps, separators, and compression threads, which he actually uses in his clinical practice, through cases of occlusal surfaces, adjacent surfaces, and subgingival caries, which are difficult to approach.
He will also discuss the Comprehensive Abutment Procedure and the use of composite resin in inlays and table-top laminate veneers, so this lecture will definitely be useful for your clinical practice from tomorrow. Please watch this lecture.

[#1 Advantages of CR Restorations and Future Restorative Treatment]
What good can come from focusing on CR restorations? He also explained again about microscopes as a necessary element for high quality restorative treatment.
He will discuss the latest findings and techniques of CR restoration, which has undergone many changes in the five years since the last content was published.

[#2 Rubber Dam and Consultation]
He reviews the advantages of rubber dams, which are also useful in CR restorations, and explains the products used at Micro Dental and how to utilize them. He also introduces the points to keep in mind during the pre-treatment consultation and the knowledge of karyology that should be kept in mind.

[#3 Proximal Caries]
From here, we will discuss the three most difficult CR restoration patterns (contact, subgingival and occlusal) and advanced cases.
First, we will look at contact caries, from the importance of separation from adjacent teeth to each step of cutting and filling, with emphasis on key points. This is a valuable content to see the specific materials and techniques used in the video.

[#4 Flowable Resin and Instruments]
While showing the treatment of contact caries, he explained the performance of the latest floorable resin on the basis of his paper.
Dr. Uchiyama also introduced the other instruments used for filling, which are used by Dr. Uchiyama for precision treatment. The video shows how he performs a series of treatment and explains the treatment to the patient at the end of the treatment.

[#5 Cases that are difficult to separate between adjacent teeth and Anterior Teeth Cases]
We will discuss the chair, which is important for precise treatment, and look at cases of contact caries that cannot be released and cases of anterior teeth. He explains how to avoid grinding adjacent teeth as much as possible and the CR filling method that minimizes the use of strips and values the original tooth morphology.

[#6 Subgingival Caries]
This section describes the difficult subgingival caries. The use of a compression cord under a rubber dam makes subgingival treatment possible and prevents pulp extraction and tooth extraction.
Again, we have a detailed explanation of the equipment used and the detailed technique.

[#7 Occlusal Caries]
He talked about the bulk fill resin used in the treatment of occlusal surface caries, as well as the fundamentals, practice, and detailed techniques for creating occlusal surface morphology. Don't miss the video case study of how to create an aesthetic and functional occlusal surface without relying on the lab side.

[#8 Various Advanced Cases]
The last part of the presentation will be a combination of the previous patterns and cases in which CR restorations have been combined with other treatments. CR restorations are less invasive than other restorative techniques and can be performed without compromising esthetics. Dr. Uchiyama explained how he established his treatment approach.


Dr. Uchiyama Course 22

BASIC Bonded Restoration -Revised Edition-

BASIC Bonded Restoration -Revised Edition-(All Video)