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#1 Tooth Preparation Requirements

Dr. Uchiyama Course 15

Basic provisional restoration

#1 Tooth Preparation Requirements


  • 00:19~Conditions for Tooth Preparation
  • 04:02~Cases with repeated provisional detachment
  • 05:05~Confirmation of clearance
  • 06:20~Construction using the drop cone technique
  • 07:31~Formation after construction
  • 08:36~Post-engineering condition
  • 09:19~Trial with provisionals
  • 09:40~Difference between metal ceramics and all-ceramics

What are the requirements for abutment preparation as a pre-prosthetic procedure?
It is not just a matter of cutting, but the requirements depend on the final material.
Preparation is also related to the maintenance of the provisional restoration.
This session will be discussed in detail using actual cases, photos, and videos.