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#6 Tissue Management

Dr. Uchiyama Course 15

Basic provisional restoration

#6 Tissue Management


  • 00:19~Trial fitting of provisional restoration
  • 00:32~Polishing of abutment teeth
  • 01:52~Wash of provisional restoration
  • 05:56~Morphological correction of provisional restorations
  • 08:00~Internal bleaching of abutment teeth
  • 10:17~Gingival and abutment tooth changes at next visit
  • 11:57~Comparison with the initial visit
  • 12:30~Core construction, gingival decompression
  • 13:37~Final formation

Continuing from #5, the article explains in detail, with key points, each step up to the setting of the provisional restorations after the preparation that takes gingival homeostasis into consideration.

The number of treatment sessions until the final impression is also affected by how much pre-treatment is done at the initial visit.
The patient's gingival as well as abutment tooth coloration has been changed by not only setting the provisional restorations but also performing the internal bleaching at the same time.