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#5 Conjunction with orthodontics

Dr. Uchiyama Course 15

Basic provisional restoration

#5 Conjunction with orthodontics


  • 00:19~Condition of post orthodontic abutment teeth
  • 00:51~Trial fit of provisional restoration
  • 01:13~Wash of provisional restoration
  • 02:24~Setting of provisional restorations
  • 04:12~Trial Therapy
  • 04:59~Gingiva after 6 months of trial and after final restoration
  • 05:33~Provisional restorations as a communication tool
  • 07:28~Using homeostasis
  • 09:10~Gingival indentation
  • 10:55~Formation of abutment teeth

Provisional restorations are often applied in orthodontic treatment.
The lecture presents a case study in conjunction with orthodontic treatment and discusses in detail the series of steps from the completion of orthodontic treatment to the final restoration.
In the latter half of the lecture, he explains each point of the abutment tooth preparation considering gingival homeostasis, from gingival anatomy to actual treatment videos.