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#3 Dealing with problems

Dr. Uchiyama Course 15

Basic provisional restoration

#3 Dealing with problems


  • 00:19~Post-planning condition and provisional restorations
  • 02:07~Before and after provisional restorations
  • 03:26~Material selection
  • 03:59~Progress after restoration
  • 04:29~Treatment planning
  • 05:41~From Preprocedure to Final Restoration
  • 06:13~Dealing with problems
  • 06:38~Insufficient amount of formation
  • 07:54~Reforming the abutment teeth
  • 08:13~Before and after reconstruction
  • 08:49~After restoration
  • 09:58~Healthy periodontal tissue
  • 10:53~Differences in biological width diameter in different areas
  • 11:38~Inflammation control
  • 13:07~Modification of provisional restorations
  • 14:08~Changes in gingival condition

Provisional restorations also serve as a communication tool for discussion and exchanging ideas with the technician and patient in determining the form of the final restoration.
Inappropriate provisional restorations can cause inflammation of periodontal tissues, whereas appropriate restorations can help manage the soft tissues.
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