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#8 Setting up an emergence profile

Dr. Uchiyama Course 15

Basic provisional restoration

#8 Setting up an emergence profile


  • 00:19~Gingival differences between initial prep and final prep
  • 01:03~Custom incisal table
  • 02:35~Intraoral after final prosthesis
  • 02:59~A case of restoration on a molar
  • 04:17~Discussion of the problem
  • 05:31~Re-forming after removal
  • 07:49~Abutment tooth after reconstruction
  • 08:06~Trial fit of provisional restoration
  • 08:46~Wash of provisional restoration
  • 11:49~Emergence profile setting

In the first half of the video, he explains how to reflect the canine guidance set in the provisional restoration in the final restoration, following #7.
The second half of the video focuses on molar restorations and explains in detail how to set the emergence profile, which tends to be lost during the wash impression.