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Basic provisional restoration  (All Videos)

Dr. Uchiyama Course 15

Basic provisional restoration

Basic provisional restoration (All Videos)


  • 00:20~#1 Tooth Preparation Requirements
  • 14:34~#2 Various pre-prosthetic treatments
  • 29:48~#3 Dealing with problems
  • 44:26~#4 Role of the provisioner
  • 58:56~#5 Application to orthodontics
  • 1:12:28~#6 Tissue Management
  • 1:27:29~#7 Points of impression taking
  • 1:42:12~#8 Setting up an emergence profile
  • 1:57:46~#9 Impression taking from Final Preparation

This video includes all of the following videos from Course15 Basic provisional restoration.

[#1 Tooth Preparation Requirements]
What are the requirements for abutment formation as a pre-prosthetic procedure?
It is not just a matter of cutting, but the requirements depend on the final material to be used.
Formation is also related to the maintenance of the provisional restoration.
This session will be discussed in detail using actual cases, photos, and videos.

[#2 Various pre-prosthetic treatments]
Esthetics is not the only requirement for a provisional restoration.
It is important how to reproduce the condition of the oral cavity and to be aware of the final restoration, and furthermore, how to reflect the record of the provisional restoration in the final restoration.
He also discusses internal bleaching and gum peeling as pre-prosthetic procedures.

[#3 Dealing with problems]
Provisional restorations also serve as a communication tool for discussion and exchange of ideas with the technician and patient in determining the form of the final restoration.
Inappropriate provisional restorations can cause inflammation of periodontal tissues, whereas appropriate restorations can help manage the soft tissues.
Please take a look at Dr. Uchiyama's innovations.

[#4 Role of the provisioner]
In the first half of the presentation, he explains a video showing the revision of a provisional restoration, allowing the viewer to confirm the change in gingival inflammation after the revision.
He also explains the difference between temporary crowns and provisional restorations, and explains in detail the various roles that provisional restorations play, along with case photos.

[#5 Application to orthodontics]
Provisional restorations are often applied in orthodontic treatment.
The lecture presents a case study in conjunction with orthodontic treatment and discusses in detail the series of steps from the completion of orthodontic treatment to the final restoration.
In the latter half of the lecture, he explains each point of the abutment tooth formation considering gingival homeostasis, from gingival anatomy to actual treatment videos.

[#6 Tissue Management]
Continuing from #5, the article explains in detail, with key points, each step up to the setting of the provisional restorations after the formation that takes gingival homeostasis into consideration.
The number of treatment sessions until the final impression is also affected by how much pre-treatment is done at the initial visit.
The patient's gingival as well as abutment tooth coloration has been changed by not only setting the provisional restorations but also performing the internal bleaching at the same time.

[#7 Points of impression taking]
This case is a continuation of #6 and shows the series of steps from gingival indentation after final formation and impression taking to the final prosthesis.
He explains the method of gingival indentation and the detailed tips for impression taking, which is important for the creation of the prosthetic.
In addition, there are cases where there are no crowns in the original prosthetic treatment.
In such cases, he explains what should be kept in mind and the reason why the Initial Prep and Final Prep are done separately.

[#8 Setting up an emergence profile]
In the first half of the video, he explains how to reflect the canine guidance set in the provisional restoration in the final restoration, following #7.
The second half of the video focuses on molar restorations and explains in detail how to set the emergence profile, which tends to be lost during the wash process.

[#9 Impression taking from Final Preparation]
This is a continuation of the case #8 in which Initial Preparation was performed. After removal of the provisional restoration, Final Preparation is performed, impressions are taken, and the provisional restoration is readjusted.
The difference between the Initial and Final preparation, gingival indentation, and each step of impression taking are explained in detail.


Dr. Uchiyama Course 15

Basic provisional restoration

Basic provisional restoration (All Videos)