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#7 Points of impression taking

Dr. Uchiyama Course 15

Basic provisional restoration

#7 Points of impression taking


  • 00:19~Abutment tooth after final formation
  • 01:05~Gingival decompression
  • 03:27~Taking impression
  • 06:27~After final prosthesis
  • 07:59~Comparison of before and after surgery
  • 08:09~A case with no original crown
  • 09:10~Analysis of the abutment tooth after preparation
  • 09:53~Difference between initial prep and final prep
  • 10:29~Video of the treatment from preparation to adjustment of the provisional restoration

This case shows the series of steps from gingival indentation after final preparation and impression taking to the final prosthesis.
He explains the method of gingival indentation and the detailed tips for impression taking, which is important for the creation of the prosthetic.
In addition, there are cases where there are no crowns in the original prosthetic treatment.
In such cases, he explains what should be kept in mind and the reason why the Initial Preparation and Final Preparation are done separately.